15 thoughts on “Control All Your Instant Messenger Services in One Account

  1. Tal Siach.

    @Jo @Catherine I Think its a bug or something, for me its working great for more then a year , try to look for the latest version i bet it will fix that. sorry to hear you don’t like it , you can always try meeboo too, Although I am a pidgin fan πŸ™‚

  2. Jo.

    I was searching to redownload, and try again, Tillian, when I came across your post. I’m going to try it. I’ve checked out a lot of other posts and have added you to my Google Reader. Thanks!

  3. Tal Siach.

    Hi Everyone, thank you for your comments.

    @David: Let us know if you found it a lot more productive.

    @Jerad: I am glad that you found this useful. Currently a plug-in for the Skype is available, and skype needs to be running in the background. I hope that they will integrate it soon within the program.

    @Joe: Gtalk is definitely used by so many people already, but in the meanwhile, you are able to talk to those that haven’t caught on yet πŸ˜‰

    @Wayne: I have heard about Meebo but haven’t tried it yet. In the meantime, Pidgin really help me stay in touch with all those that would rather use MSN and Yahoo.

  4. Wayne Smallman.

    This kind of thing isn’t new.

    I used to use Adium, which is a desktop client. And more recently, I used Meebo, which is a web client.

    Now I don’t use either Ò€” I just use Skype, that’s the only IM client I need…

  5. SiriS.

    Yup, been using pidgin (formerly gaim, they changed it due to legal issues) for a while now. A lot of people recommend trillian, but I’ve always found pidgin to be easier and better overall.

  6. Nick.

    Been using Pidgin for several years now… used to be called Gaim… found it randomly when trying to find programs that allowed me to connect to all of my instant message protocols… nice program, glad you found it!

  7. Jerad Kaliher.

    Finally, a tool that includes Skype and Google Talk into the mix of other IM clients. I’ve been using Trillian for the longest time and am happy with it, but it doesn’t offer support for other types of clients.

    It’s like you read my mind with this one. Thanks!

  8. David Dunn.

    Cool little tool there. Will definitely have to check this one out as I couldn’t be bothered to run all the different IM clients so just stick to Skype and MSN at the moment.

    Means I’d be able to contact those who only use Yahoo/AIM/Gtalk etc.

    Nice one!


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