A Simple and Convenient DVD Duplicator

Imagine being able to burn copies of your home movies, TV shows, films and more without having to begin a computer session. You can easily copy DVD’s with a small sized duplicator.

The EZ Dupe is a stand alone DVD copier that can be easily carried and used. It acts just like DVD burner, but at a size that is only a little more than four stacked CD boxes, it is a lot more compact, mobile, and therefore convenient. In addition, if you are interested in creating labels and such, it could be plugged into the computer to assist even further. For those that have a need for additional CD/DVD drives, it could remain plugged in and act as a double drive in one.

The simplicity of this idea is what tickles me. I remember some scenes from different films, where a data disc is being copied in seconds. Sometimes you see a person inserting a minidisc into a small portable device, and seconds later a copy is created. We may not be there yet, but the EZ Dupe concept makes it look like we are getting fairly close.

The picture kind of says it all. Think how easy would it be to copy a DVD at a friend’s house with this gadget?

EZ Dupe

Via: Ubergizmo

5 thoughts on “A Simple and Convenient DVD Duplicator

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  2. Eran Abramson Post author.

    Hello Gary and iTouch.

    @Gary: I am not certain if it has built in decryption, but that warning is a kind of and excuse to allow it. If I find out about the decryption, I will update in a comment. Please let us know if you find that out.

    @iTouch: It is expensive at the moment, but as with most technology, the price will start decreasing with innovation and competition.
    I remember my first external CD Writer (that is CD not DVD) that had speeds of 4X read, 2X write; this device was extremely expensive but at the time it was great. Nowadays, it is simply a throwaway item.

  3. Gary.

    Does it have built in CSS decryption? (If it does, then how is this for sale in the USA?) Or does it give you some lame warning about the disc being copy protected?


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