One Handed Electric Plug

Do you own a lot of electronic products? Each one of these has its own plug and cord, so we end up using extension cords and electric power strips to attempt and have some order. Until a complete wireless solution is created, we have a number of different surge protectors and splitters used around the house. Meanwhile, this solution is sufficient, until we need to unplug one of the cords.

Behind my computer desk there are so many products plugged in the different available outlets and strips. Some of the different electronics are: a PDA cradle, my laptop, digital camera, printer, Fax machine, a phone/answering machine combo (saves on a plug), a lamp to help me while I work and more nonsense. Everything is fine and organized, as long as I do not look behind my desk. Once I do that, there is a mess of cords and tangles, which I am afraid to mess with, so I stay away.

The problem occurs when I want to take one of these products somewhere else. The unplugging of the products is where the problem begins. The way my desk is set up, I cannot reach both hands to aid in removing the item. With the power strips, I cannot pull out the plug unless my other hand holds the entire strip in place. In times like these, I have to move the desk away from the wall, get a shock at the mess and dirt behind it and use TWO hands to unplug ONE cord. This has got to stop!

Yoo-Kyung Shin also realized this and presented his design of the Easy Plugs. These plugs are similar to a regular surge protector splitter that allows you to plug in 4 products into one strip. The difference is the one handed operation for both plugging and unplugging. You may see in the picture that this design allows you to insert the product to the strip and in order to connect it with the electric current, you actually press it in as you would an on/off switch. Once it is plugged in, the specific bar is raised, allowing you to easily unplug by simply pressing on to raise the cord from the electric current. This in turn lets us easily remove the plug from the strip and take the product elsewhere.

Although extremely simple in concept, this design is amazingly practical. It easily gives us a way to plug and unplug our products. If you have many cords, cables, and products plugged in your home, don’t you think the Easy Plugs would be a great solution?

Easy Plugs