The Handy Google Firefox Calculator

Ever surfed the Internet and needed a calculator really quick? Would you rather stay on the current page without having to seek out the Windows calculator version? With Firefox it is just so easy.

When using the Firefox browser, there is a Google search box available. Besides doing your regular searches, this tool also allows you to make quick calculations. Simply enter the equation you would like answered, and Google will immediately provide the answer in a drop down menu.

I have tried it more than once to receive continuous correct results. After a number of times, I tried adding a bit more complicated equations and arrived at the right solutions. I even tried to switch addition to multiplication, in order to see if Google will take into account that multiplication is to be observed before addition or subtraction…they are aware of it.

Try it out, it works great. Now you can have a calculator in your browser, without having to install a widget, or have another window open, or even search where a calculator exists.

Check out our own examples below.

Firefox Google Calculator

Via: Radiocool.It