From Pen to PC

It would be pretty convenient to be able to write notes, stories, or posts and transfer them easily to the computer or cellphone for storage and editing.

Since I write everyday, the prospect of a pen that would record my ideas and notes for future progress would be extremely practical. Many times I have found myself simply oozing with different ideas to write about, with no computer or Internet connection to document these.

In more than hundreds of occasions, I have written a short note on a napkin, back of a business card, or even junk mail. On many of those times, I have either lost the note, misplaced it, or it became extremely illegible after being crumpled in my pocket or wallet. The ability to transfer handwritten notes to your computer is convenient and becoming more than widely available. Being able to do so with a wireless Bluetooth connection is even better.

The Nokia Digital Pen SU-27W (translated press release) encompasses 1.3 MB of storage, which should amount to approximately 100 regular sized pages. The internal battery lasts for approximately 3 hours writing time and 20 in standby. This pen allows for wireless Bluetooth transfer (or by USB) of your notes to the PC. In addition, it should allow transfer of information to cellphones as well, but currently it has not been disclosed which models will be compatible.

Nokia’s Digital Pen is available for the price of $240. Is this a good price or are there better alternatives for such needs?

Nokia Digital Pen

Via: SlashGear