Rotating USB Card Reader

There are so many different USB drives out there and so many different media card readers, why not combine the two?

Earth Trek has created a drive that brings the two features together with a twist. This combination of the two also provides easy access to all the card slots. By a rotating mechanism, it allows the user to rotate the drive so the cards can be inserted without a problem.

Have you ever noticed that different computers have different USB ports? Sometimes you have to insert the USB drive upside up, sometimes down, sometimes the only place available may block accessibility to the flash drive’s additional features. With this gadget, you can switch the position, so the media card slots are easier to access.

This drive also includes a mobile charging slot in the back, but it has not been mentioned which cellphones are compatible.

Seems like a cool idea, but is it really necessary? Have you ever encountered a time that this would have came in handy?

Rotating USB Card Reader

Via: Ubergizmo