Phone by Mail

A cool alternative for the regular landline phone. The Post A Phone concept is cheap, easy to use, made from recycled material and can be sent by regular post.

This Priestman Goode design phone can fit in a regular A5 envelope and simply pops out of perforated areas within the enclosed box. Since it fits in an envelope, you don’t need to wait for the phone to arrive, it will wait for you if you are not home. When ready, pop out the phone, plug it in and start calling.

Post a Phone 2

While it is small enough to be sent by mail, it is clear and large enough to be called with comfortably. The buttons are large to press easily and labeled clearly (including speed dial emergency numbers). Furthermore, this creation is extremely aesthetic looking and neat. A clean alternative to some of the bulky and imposing machines we are accustomed to today.

“…there is a desirability in its simplicity and I hope this is a phone you would want to keep for some time”. – Paul Priestman

Do you agree? Is this concept useful? Would you use it?

Post a Phone 1

Via: Dezeen