A Hidden Browser on Windows Calculator

[Update: It seems that the video does not work with some IP addresses, so we have updated it with a new video. Thanks to Adam for the info, and he also confirms that this does NOT work on Vista]

When I was in college, I remember certain areas in the library were restricted from Internet surfing. These computer stations were to be used to browse through the library’s database of books, magazines, journals, but not the net. Unfortunately, if there were a bunch of students around, I would need to wait for an Internet PC to be vacated or seek the world wide web somewhere else.

Recently I saw this cool trick at Bare Choors, which allows you to surf the Internet on computers that do not have an Internet icon for you to log on with.

The easy step by step video below illustrates how to use the Windows Calculator to surf the web in a restricted area. Who would have ever thought that this harmless calculator program can be used to pass the the restrictions and browse the net with! I’m not 100% sure, but this trick may not work on Vista.

If you ever get on a computer that is restricted from Internet browsing, try out this hidden access trick. Please note that the web address does requires the “http://” prefix (eg. http://www.walyou.com).

19 thoughts on “A Hidden Browser on Windows Calculator

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  4. Richard.

    Yes, nice trick!

    After investigating a bit, I found that several other programs had the same “feature”. Including Notepad, Wordpad, and others. Even opening a “My Computer” or “Recycled Bin” window did the same.

    All that is required is the “Help” tab at top of each program window. Clicking on “Help”, then clicking on “Help Topics”, then clicking on the very top left corner opened the drop down which always includes the “Jump to URL…” option. You then type in your favorite URL (i.e. http://www.propeller.com).

    Yes, Very nice trick!

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  7. Tal Siach.

    Hello everyone, thank you so much for your comments and information.

    @R3dd0g: Thank you for sharing, I will try those out.

    @45-year: 🙂

    @alphaxion: Great info. Glad you shared it with all of us.

  8. alphaxion.

    This isn’t within windows calculator but within windows help (and so works with any application) and won’t help you if they have a proxy in place or use any gibberish in the proxy settings in order to block you from accessing any web page at all.

  9. Tal Siach.

    Hi Moojj, TechDune and David, glad to see you all.

    @Moojj: The original video didn’t work in certain IP addresses, so we have updated the post with a new video. Let us know if problems persist.

    @TechDune and David: Thank you very much for the stumble.


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