Finally, Freedom from Your Phone

Stop worrying about roaming charges, signal reception, or an enormous amount of useless features. The Freedom phone takes away all the hassle and gives you simplicity in a thin and cool design.

The Freedom phone was designed by Vadim Kibardin and aims to take away all the inconvenience of traveling with a cellphone. This concept simply grants you a phone that is used for nothing more than making and receiving calls. Its design focuses on ease of use and practicality.

What does this consist of?

When arriving to a new country, the prepaid phone comes with a specific amount of minutes and will charge in only 10 minutes. The unique and small product makes it easy to carry with you anywhere you go, and making calls is a snap since the only buttons available are the number dials and volume. All I wonder is how are calls sent. Will the phone automatically dial as soon as the last number is entered?

Lastly, the phone’s number and important service contacts are located on the back of the phone just in case.

If this phone is available at your next traveling destination, would you consider using it?

Freedom Phone

More images at Yanko Design

7 thoughts on “Finally, Freedom from Your Phone

  1. JoeDrinker.

    I would love a phone like that, although I would miss the incoming number on the display. I can remember the phone numbers I want, but sometimes there are people/companies I would rather not talk to at that time.

    I wonder if its available in the US.

  2. MikeyP.

    I know my wife would love the phone…especially if it has a strap to help her find it in her purse. For her, it’s a lot like all-in-one remotes. When she comes into the living room she looks at the remote and says “I just wanna watch tv!”. 🙂

    Sometimes, simpler is better.

    Thanks for a neat article.

  3. Eran Abramson Post author.

    Hi John, Kelly and Mark, thank you for your comments.

    @John: The address book is definitely a feature that will be needed no matter where you are at. Well, the Freedom phone concept needs a little adjustment.

    @Kelly: Thank you for sharing the link and information.

    @Mark: That’s great…a giant breath mint. 🙂

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  5. John Jorgensen.

    Good article. I think that as phones have advanced and become more and more complex, a market has been created for a no-frills, “lo-tech” phone such as the Freedom phone. If I was overseas without an international voice plan I would pick up a phone like this, as long as it’s a cheaper alternative than using my original phone. Problem is I would still need to take my original phone with me for the address book.


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