Make your own Covert Spy Sunglasses

Would you like to be able to secretly record video with your sunglasses? This cool Do It Yourself shows you how you can make your own spycam sunglasses for under $40.

Kipkay has came up with another cool DIY that is both practical and extremely fun. This project is fairly cheap and is not too difficult to fulfill, except some soldering that is required. Now you can wear your sunglasses and also record your different daily activities without anyone noticing.

How fun would it be to record footage of friends and family without their knowledge? The short video below explains step by step how to make these your by yourself really quick and inexpensively.

Although in some instances it may a little unethical, I think any of us can find some good, moral use of this kind of gadget. I know I can.

9 thoughts on “Make your own Covert Spy Sunglasses

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  3. I speak English!.

    Ironically, I have.

    Also numerous online dictionaries offer the amazing ability to play a word being spoken. After a quick check of 5 of the most well known and trusted, they all say [sod-er]

    To quote another person’s comment:
    “Before you speak, google it.”

  4. Baggy.

    To be honest unless you have studied Linguistics how would you really know ?

    There are no right and wrongs just differing variations and dialects of how English is spoken so chill people and get a life.

  5. I speak English!.

    To: Wow under $40 [Bucks]?!

    I assume you speak English as a second language, beacuse it is pronounced [sod-er]. Learn to read a dictionary. If you want any more help learning the language, just ask!

  6. RichAmerican.

    “(I Assume they’re American as they cant say SOL-DER)”

    Get over it, quit being a little baby and crying about Americans. If you don’t have one.. oh well. Nice video, cool idea!

  7. Wow under $40 [Bucks]?!.

    The according to this video they spent less than $40 (I Assume they’re American as they cant say SOL-DER) This sounded really cool, until the final step, to go out and buy a cam corder worth assembly hundreds of “bucks” Oh I’m sorry i dont have one just lying around.

    This is a BS project that anyone could figure out.


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