Man’s Best Robot

Would you like a miniature humanoid robot to imitate your daily activities?

The i-SOBOT is a toy robot that will perform your commands and is able to react in unpredictable, yet amusing ways. Its abilities vary from carrying your beer can to shooting an arrow and even shooting a handmade bazooka at a predetermined target. The amazing thing is its wonderful precision. If you watch those videos you will also notice that after it sets its aim, it looks away like a complete pro and will make William Tell cry “Uncle!”.


This 6.5 inch robot is remote controlled and also reacts to your programmed voice commands. The first time I saw the video, I laughed at this little thing. It actually seems as if the robot is craving some attention and in order to get it will do anything that may normally embarrass any of us.

I must say that it truly intrigues me to watch this funny new friend. It attempts Karate moves, plays basketball, and it can also dance, dance, dance.

You may read additional specification or even view some official demos at their site. If you are looking to get one of these for yourself, now you can own The World’s Smallest Humanoid Robot.