Share Valuable Information by Shaking Hands

Have you ever ran out of business cards or forgot to take some with you? Do you sometimes wish you can easily and quickly exchange valuable information without any hassle? Would it be great if you could share preferred personal data with another by simply shaking hands?

Hanshake 0

An intelligent design aims to let you share desired information with another with a simple handshake.

“Handshake” is made up of a ring and card viewer. As a user, you set what information you would like to provide to others, and that will be available in the actual ring. Once you shake hands with another ring wearer, your specific information is transferred to their ring and vice versa.

Handshake 1

I can see different business people excited at the prospect of not having to carry business cards with them everywhere. In addition, I think it would be also great to get this same information from a partner or colleague without the need to enter this data to your pda, laptop, or address book. Moreover, the ring also comes with a digital business card to view your contacts on. Place the ring in a special slot in the card, and you can scroll through your contacts and see their contact information, including a date stamp of your meeting.


Lastly, the information that will be provided to the other is fully selected by you. Would you like your home office to be included as well as your mobile phone? How about your nationality and birth date, should those be presented? Perhaps you want to keep it simple and short, with just a name and email. Whatever you wish to share with others, you can do it by a simple handshake.

Via: KontrastBlog , Thanks to my friend Skyblue101 for the link.