Create 3D Models from 2D Video

Make 3D models to be used in games, simulations, or other video by simply tracing 2D objects within videos.

The University of Adelaide and Oxford Brookes Computer Vision Group have developed a Video Trace prototype application that allows you to trace objects in regular video. Since you are using so from video, you in fact determine the different angles and sights of the subject matter, therefore seeing a bigger and modeled image. This picture may be adjusted from separate areas and remodeled as a 3D object to be used in other applications.

Besides the obvious ability to create 3D objects from only 2D images found in video, this could provide many other advantageous features. Some examples are: players in the Second Life environment can recreate any physical objects from their “first” life to bring to the game, major movie editing for special effects is easier, and also enhanced architectural design.

An amazing hands on video presenting this application is right below. For more information of the developers, video downloads, or contact, please check out the Video Trace page.

Can you think of other creative ways this application can be used for?


Via: Gallo’s vimeo