5 Easy and Helpful Tricks for Your Camcorder

If you own a video camera and want some easy tricks to better your filming, check out these amazingly simple ideas below brought by the great Kipkay:

  1. Prop up your camera with an inexpensive door stop. Place the stopper under the lens and move it back and forth to adjust the height.
  2. For softer video without expensive lens replacement, use pantyhose. Besides being extremely cheap and easy to find, this trick also grants that ability to enhance the shot. Wrap the pantyhose around the lens as many times as you wish to provide a number of different images.
  3. If wires or cables are in the way and can be hazardous for those around, don’t use duct tape, for it leaves residue. Instead, use painter’s scotch tape. This alternative is easy to remove and is both bright and colorful to make sure it is noticeable.
  4. Keep your camera leveled at all times by taping a compact bubble level to the camera. Use two-sided tape to keep the level in place and remove when desired. This will show you at all times whether the camera is at a perfect level.
  5. For a tripod alternative, use a hook and a short bungee type cord. Insert the hook to the camera and tie the cord to the hook. By stepping on the cord while holding the camera, it is kept pretty steady when filming.

The short video shows the five tricks in action.

I hope you find these neat tips useful. Do you know of any other easy to implement tricks for your video needs?