Inflatable Flashdrive USB Drive

A USB Flash Drive Gadget that shows you how much is used, by its size.

There are so many variation of thumb drives gadgets available but usually we do not know how much was used unless we plug it in first. Wouldn’t be great to know approximately how much room is left without the need of a computer?

The Flashbag USB drive inflates as it using more of its internal space. The picture shows the drive as it is empty (thin) and also when data has been inserted (inflated). Once you have entered your documents, videos, music, and other files you carry with you daily, it inflates to make it easily to assess.

When people ask you: “Are you happy to see me?”, you can always answer: “It is just a flashbag in my pocket”.

Thanks to my friend Jim for the link.

Flashbag USB Drive

Via: BrandSpankingNew

4 thoughts on “Inflatable Flashdrive USB Drive

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  2. zichi.

    This one could be useful for sailors and rock musicians. Sailors could keep it inflated during stormy seas, just in case they go over board. Rock musicians could inflate it before going on stage.
    Whatever next?


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