A Facebook Rival: Pick your own Cubed Friends

With all the social networks available such as Facebook, we actually have less time to hang out with our true friends. We receive friend requests, Wall messages, application and event invitations, and actually see our friends less than we did before we signed on. For me, Facebook has simply become an extremely fancy email client. Unlike many others, I am looking for actual interaction.

While you are on the net, or at your work desk, why not have some friends to physically keep you company? Why not enlarge your circle with a few additional cubes?

The Cube World Series 1 and 2 is a fun way to play with new friends and introduce between them.

Each of these cubes has an individual personality and action, such as: singing, working out, sleeping, and much more. They will keep you entertained as you watch them go through their daily routine right on your desk. Connect two or more in order to watch them mingle and interact with each other. In fact, they would actually leave their own cubicle and visit a friend. As you add more and more friends, your network will grow to a posse of “squares”.

With the different colors, actions and personalities, these cubes can brighten your desk as well as your life. Collect them all and name them as you wish.

The cube series costs less than $40 and comes with two cubed friends to begin with. How many would you like?

So for a friendly get-together, is it fair to say this is a new rival for Facebook?

Cube World Series 1

Cube Wolrd Series 2