TEXT Message what you Write

Instead of fretting around with a touchpad, keyboard, or cellphone keys, why not simply write a note and sms the content? It sounds too simple? Maybe because it is.


D Scribe is a great concept by Reuben Png that inspires to let you send text messages that you wrote down freehand. All you need to do is write down the message on a notepad or paper using this fountain pen, then write down who the recipient is, circle the name and the message is sent. In addition, your messages are saved in case you want them on your computer at a later time.

The concept does require a Bluetooth cellphone nearby, which is used to send the messages out. Still, the ease of use seems really attractive.

Just think about it: while in meetings, lectures or family dinners, it is sometimes impolite or inappropriate to start using your cellphone to do your business. This pen gives a great alternative. You can send and receive messages and simply act as if you are taking notes of something important and worthwhile.

This is only a concept at the moment, but am I the only one that sees this is an extremely convenient productivity tool?


Via: Yanko Design