Handheld Projector by Explay

Do you have pictures or videos on your cellphone, which you are dying to show your friends? Although your phone may be capable of playback, is it a drag to view it on such a small screen? That is where Explay’s projector comes into play.


This external device is small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, and displays images approximately 20 times the size of your mobile device. Just imagine watching your Friday night outing on the wall of a friend’s house, or even reviewing yesterday’s meeting while in your carpool drive. If you really want to use it at any place possible, perhaps the bathroom would be that holy place.

The Explay projector aims to provide great viewing pleasure combined with convenience; the light source is clear and highly presentable, while the battery operation makes it mobile at all times.


An amazing ability to view images or watch movies of your media players and cellphones on a “big screen”.

One thought on “Handheld Projector by Explay

  1. lino magno.

    very clever…

    but have you thought of also incorperating amemory card slot, and also thinking of making it bluetooth capable.

    i always play around with electronics and find ways to make them better.

    let me know if you ever need a tech in your reserch and development lab. im there for you.

    you should also see my electronic negative median switch im developing for cars. it would blow your mind…

    see ya.



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