Build a Remote Camera Trigger in 5 Minutes

If you have ever wanted a remote camera trigger but don’t want to spend a lot of time or money, then this Do It Yourself project is for you!

Camera Trigger 2

Remote Camera Triggers are basically a way for you to take pictures without having to physically press the shutter button. This grant the photographer different possibilities for picture taking. The mobility of being able to set the camera the way you desire and click the shutter while away from the camera gives a lot more freedom for imagination.

For those that are looking for a quick and simple fix, you can find a short tutorial at Instructables. Basically, it illustrates how one can turn a $3 cellphone earpiece/mic to a useful camera trigger. This would be compatible with a number of different brands (not all models), such as Sony, Canon, Pentax, and also Nikon. The intermediate and expert DIYer can find another camera trigger tutorial that deserves a little more creativity and effort.

Camera Trigger Earpiece

Would such a remote trigger as above help your photography hobby or profession?