How to Make an Invisible Folder on Your Desktop or Laptop

Do any of you have certain “secretive” files that you would like kept personal but within reach? Would you enjoy playing a quick magic trick on your folks by dropping documents into an invisible folder? The how to video below quickly demonstrates an easy way to create an invisible folder on your desktop.

By having an invisible folder, you are able to have confidential files, documents, folders, movies, mp3, and more visually erased from viewers eyes. The folder is concrete and functional, but it is simply transparent.

If you are not interested watching the video, the directions are simple:

  1. Create a folder on your desktop
  2. Select to rename it, delete the default “new folder” title [do not hit “enter”]
  3. Press and hold “alt” then “0160”, release the alt key and then press “enter”. This names the folder as a “space”. [Note: Desktops must use the number keys on the right of the keyboard and not above the letters. Laptops cannot use the regular number keys, they must use the ‘function’ numbers within the keyboard (the corresponding letters are: “m-j-o-m”= “0-1-6-0. With laptops, “numlock” must be selected. Also, you must use the “Fn” key when selecting the numbers and may also need so to turn the numlock on.]
  4. Select and right click the folder. Scroll down to select “properties”, then “customize”, and then “change icon”.
  5. If you scroll through the provided icons, you will see a certain area that seems a few icons are simply missing. Select one of those empty spaces, or in other words, invisible folders.
  6. Hit “OK”, then “Apply”, then “OK”.

You now have an invisible folder on your desktop to place any files you want to make transparent. Please remember that this is not a secured file, just invisible to the eyes.

Via: The Cool News

20 thoughts on “How to Make an Invisible Folder on Your Desktop or Laptop

  1. hey.

    hey….thank you so much for giving this information
    actually i am facing so much of problem when i am trying this in my laptop….by above information….then its coooooooolllllllllllll……
    thanx buddy

  2. Pravin.

    hey hi friend,

    i tried doing above trick to hide the folder, but no go, i can able to hide the folder but
    not able to hide the folder name, this Alt + 0160 or 255 do not work at all… folder gets hidden but not the name..

  3. Mr Zorro.

    Gud Old trick.. but can be easily traced.. CTRL+A will select that Folder too.. and to go inside that Folder u can directly typ that ATL+0160 n hit enter in the ADDRESS bar aftr the ADDRESS till the Folder.. 😛

  4. GOLFER.

    you are a GOD Michael!!!!!!!! i worked on the thing for several hours, then read your feed and it worked like a charm!!!!!

  5. AJ=Aaron James.

    well you can just refresh the screen and you will see your folder blinking if you forgot where you placed it

  6. SITKI.

    Michael, u are now my hero. i try for 3 hours to delete it. i add it to archive before. but i dont think about check the Delete files after archived”. easy and cleverly way. thanks much.

  7. hussain.

    and in windows..if u dont remember wher u placed it…click and hold f5 which will keep on refreshing…:P
    soo ur invisible folder will be visible..

  8. Michael.

    To delete on Vista

    Download Winrar, right click folder go to “Add to archive”. There is a list of boxs in the following screen, check the one beside “Delete files after archived”. hit apply/ok, let it archive, the folder will be gone. Then, delete the Archive, Voila, Fixed.

  9. Tal Siach.

    Hello “hahhahahahah”,

    I will look for solutions for the Vista OS. As soon as I do, I will add it as a comment. If you come by any solution, please let us know as well.


  10. Tal Siach.

    Hello Joe, Bob, and “hahhahahaha”, thank you for your feedback.

    @Joe: You can always “hide” the folders, but this does not actually hide it. The folder may be nameless but not hidden. It actually is just invisible, but still located where you placed it.

    @Bob: The easy way to delete it this folder would be to simply click on it (if you know where you placed it) and delete. Since the folder is not hidden, just invisible, it is still just like a normal folder and can be selected, moved, and deleted.

    @”Hahahhahahah”: You are able to delete the folder by simply selecting it and deleting. Unless you don’t remember where you placed it.

  11. Joe.

    Or you can just go to properties and check the box for “hidden” and then when you want to see it go to “folder and search options” and check to show invisible folders and files


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