Squeezable and Huggable Cellphone Design


Our phones take a beating practically everyday. They may look shiny, cool, and innovative, but they cannot take a punch. We need a combination of the cool looks and durability.

Qian Jiang has designed the Soft Phone concept and at least gave us the durability part. It may not look like all the new, technologically advanced cellphones out there, but the features may be enough to intrigue customers.


The Soft phone is as it sounds: a cellphone that is made of fabric and silicon, allowing it to live through a fall or intentional drop. In fact, this phone asks you to squeeze and hug it, since it is created with that in mind. Moreover, you can make a call or hang up by the level of squeeze you give this cellphone.


In case you want more features, this cell is built within a pouch like home. It reminds me of the vehicle dashboard sun protectors. If you are familiar with the ones that are made of fabric and silicon that arrive as a small circular shape, only to unfold to a larger dashboard protector… a very space efficient product. With that, the soft phone provides such practicality: as you unfold the pouch, a qwerty keyboard is provided, along with build in earphones.


This idea may be great as a concept, but could you see yourself actually using one of these? If you would or wouldn’t, is it because of its looks, its material, or something else?

Via: Yanko Design