Filter Out Unwanted Noise to Get Some Sleep

MarpacDoes that slow drip in the sink keep you awake at night? Do you ever find yourself hearing a sound outside of your home and while getting used to it, staying up anticipating the next moment you will hear it again? Would you like to filter out annoying and disturbing sounds and get a good sound rest?

The Sound Screen by Marpac aims to mute out undesired noises and give you a calm tone, so you can rest and sleep as you deserve. You filter out the amount of “white noise” by simply rotating the top cap of the device and relax while focusing on the silence.

Can you think of someone this gadget is good for? Anyone you know that would love some external tech product to give them some peace and quiet?

Whether you work late, crazy shifts, have a hard time getting used to all the noise at different times of the day, or simply looking for an easy remedy to help you sleep…Marpac aims to grant that.

Via: Ubergizmo