The Embrio One Wheeled Motorcycle for 2025

Embrio 1

We have seen clowns ride on unicycles to entertain us at the circus, but would we ride a one-wheeled motorcycle for daily transportation?

An amazing new concept has been designed by Bombardier that consists of an electric motorcycle with only one wheel. Although it has only one wheel, it is still to be made with the purpose of taking a passenger on with you.

How will it balance two riders on wheel? It claims to develop gyroscopes and sensors that will balance both riders on the Embrio design. In addition, it includes a small front “secondary” wheel for speeds under 12.5 mph, as to keep the balance when driving slow.

Embrio 2

The small handlebar has a left and right trigger that would make the Embrio move forward and brake respectively. Furthermore, to turn using this bad boy, a rider would just need to lean towards the side he or she desires.

At first look it seems practically impossible to keep this motorcycle balanced and safe, but they do envision this to come out in 17 years. Maybe by then, technology advancement would make it feasible or maybe there would be bigger and better ideas available. One thing is for sure…it gives a new term for popping a wheelie.

Embrio 3

Looking at this Embrio, I still do not understand where it could sit two people. Anyways, if this was available and ready today…would you take a test spin on the Embrio motorcycle?

Via: The Contaminated