Tetris Breaks Sound Barrier…Almost

Who loves Tetris?

I have been a big Tetris fan for a really long time. Ever since it came out, it has been a hit with individuals of all ages, and can we blame anyone? It is a simple, yet challenging game that provides wonderful hours of entertainment.

There have been so many variations and presentations of the Tetris game over its lifetime. Some video games have been released as spinoffs of the original, while there were many showings of the game in odd places.

The video below is a fun example of the Tetris extravaganza. It is presented on a split screen between the game and the player’s controller and is a wonderful showing of a master of the Tetris art.

The thing is, not only is this player quick, but the gameplay is just amazing. He/she is so fast at making decisions and looking a step ahead, that I think the video game has a hard time providing the next block. The bottom line, it is extremely quick, but also fun to watch.

Would you think that in order to play like this, it deserves talent, obsession, or both? Do you know anyone that can play Tetris at such speed?

Via: Geekologie