How To Speed Up the Green Light When Waiting with Your Motorcycle at a Stoplight

Manipulate the stoplight while on your motorcycle and receive the Green Light just like regular automobiles do.

Have you ever noticed that when on your motorcycle at a stop light, it takes forever for the light to change to green? Is it just me that prays for a car to arrive, so the light will sense a vehicle and will finally change? Sometimes I even try to move my bike back and forth a few feet, hoping the light will sense I am actually there, and give me the green to go.

There is a way to have your motorcycle, scooter or bike detected quickly, so you can receive the same stop light service as four-wheeled vehicles do.

The Kipkay video below explains an easy way to use simple magnets on your motorcycle, so you will save time, gas, and reduce the frustration.

Since I ride a motorcycle myself, I am going to try it immediately and hope it will give me the courtesy I deserve as a driver.

If you are also going to try it out, let us know how it went and whether it made a real difference.