Challenge Your Friends to the Longest Time in the Air with Hangtimer


Whether you are a skater, snowboarder, biker or simply competitive, the Hangtimer is a cool way to challenge your friends.

With the Hangtimer, you can quickly determine who can hang in the air the longest.

As a skateboarder, you can see which ollie stays in midair longer. For snowboarders, you can fly in the air after a big jump, and finally determine who actually ‘flew’ for a longer period. Biker, you can do all your different tricks and add an extra competitive factor in there…to up the stakes.

If you aren’t into sports but are still extremely competitive, simply hook the hangtimer to you and jump where you stand. Check out how long you can actually ‘float’.

Besides measuring only hang times, this device is also a digital watch, which is water resistant and includes some additional features in its memory.

Understanding the concept is easy, but you can also read how it works or get one for yourself.

Thanks to Katie Wagner for the link.