Slowly Wake Up With the Glowing Pillow Alarm Clock

Glo Pillow

We all have our different waking up routines. Some of us do it naturally, others wake up using various alarm clocks, and some place the responsibility on a loved one to make sure they get woken up. Whatever the method is, it is always fun to be introduced to different ways that may do the job more efficiently or comfortably.

The Glo Pillow attempts to wake you up gradually using lights, so you feel rested and refreshed. Unlike annoying sounds or alarms, it does so with 40 LED lights that slowly get brighter so you are not blinded in one shot.

The gradual alarm reminds me of the Sleeptracker wristwatch. With this one, you set a window to wake up in, and based on your sleeping patterns, the Sleeptracker rings during the time you are closest to a “waking period”.

Whether you are a light person or a sound person, these are two great alternatives to the disturbing sounds of regular alarm clocks. Instead of waking up shocked out of your deep sleep, the Glo pillow eases you into the “wake mode” with its soothing lights, and the Sleeptracker based on your sleeping pattern.

Which method would you prefer, lights gradually getting brighter or sounds increasing and snapping you awake?