Infrared Thermometer Makes Temperature Taking Easy and Painless

ThermofocusCheck if you have fever without having to stick a thermometer under your tongue, in your armpit or…where the sun don’t shine.

As a child, I always loved playing sick to get me out of going to school, but it involved taking my temperature most of those times.

My Mom usually believed me when I was claiming to feel ill, but after ongoing claims, she suspected her son may not be telling the whole truth. “I’m not feeling good” just wasn’t sufficient to let me stay home, so the nightmare of the thermometer began.

Although I don’t recall having an anal fever check (except as a baby), keeping the thermometer under my tongue without chewing or dropping it wasn’t an easy task. I always wished an easy way was introduced, so I can get a quick verdict from my Mom whether I could stay home or not.

This new infrared thermometer would have been a wonderful solution for me back then (and now).

The Thermofocus provides a touchless way to determine the fever of a child. Simply point the light directly at the forehead, and the harmless infrared light will provide you with the accurate temperature. It is a great non-intrusive way to find out if the child is truly sick or just faking it, like I did most of the time.

In addition, on days you actually show up to class, you can also use it as a laser pointer.

The Thermofocus costs only $68.00 and can be purchased through Amazon.

Via: Ubergizmo