The Army Sponsored Miniature Bat Plane Would Make Batman Proud

Where does he get those wonderful toys? – The Joker, Batman

Bat Plane

The Army has a bat plane concept in mind it would like made into reality. It has granted the University of Michigan a $10 Million grant to make this dream come true.

This miniature plane spy plane is to be the size of only six inches, and consist of different micro electronic features for increased surveillance and awareness.

“The Bat”, as it has been named, will include different communication tools and sensors within a tiny aerial gadget. Little cameras will be included for imaging and surveillance, tiny microphones to assess sounds from separate angles, and detectors to notify of poisonous gases and/or radiation.

A radar will be also installed on board as well as a sensitive navigation system, so it would be able to fly at night and find its way just like a real bat.

In case the original grant is not sufficient, there is also a possible addition of $12.5 million to allow the Bat to take flight.

Besides the features included, the Bat weighs only a quarter of a pound and aims to use just 1 W of energy. This makes the spy bat plane a great innovative electronic for the army.

Bat Plane 2

Via: Geekologie