Light Meters React to the Highway Traffic

7 Meters

A cool new display in Germany currently provides a colorfully visual sample of the adjacent ongoing traffic.

7 separate light meters with each consisting of 110,00 LEDs react to the highway’s presence. As cars pass the meters, they display the amount by their colorful characteristics.

When many vehicles are driving at one time, the wave at the lower part of the meter gets larger and filled. In addition, with every new car passing, a flash is presented at the top area of the meter.

With more traffic and movement, the visual presentation accelerates and comes to life.

7 Meters 2

Designed by Markus Lerner for a lighting company OSRAM, the meters are positioned at the Mittlerer ring in Munich, right in front of the company’s headquarters. The video below show these meters in action.

I believe these are a great reactionary public display, and make me think of the Volumen – the giant light meter that reacts to the outside noise. I wonder what other designs are being created that use meters to illustrate to us just how we are living our daily lives.

Via: Technabob