Find the Correct Scene by Searching the Subtitles

Have you ever searched for a specific scene in a movie? Have you stopped the film in the middle, only to come back and forget exactly where you were at? Instead of searching each scene separately, would you prefer to search by the actual words or dialogue of the scene?

Hitachi has developed a way to find the right spot in a film or tv show by searching for specific names or phrases. Instead of skipping scene by scene, you can simply look for it based on the words you remember.

Just think about it…I personally know many of my favorite movie scenes word for word, yet more than once I have had a difficult time finding the exact part when I wanted to show it to my friends.

Let’s face it, we don’t remember a certain part of the movie by the time display but by the actual dialogue. Doesn’t it seem more productive to search for our favorite parts by the actual text within them?


Via: Ubergizmo