Top 10 Computer and Office Related Pranks To Do on April Fools

April Fools, a day of friendly pranks on family, friends and business colleagues, has arrived once again.

In this day and age, Technology and the Internet rule, and the majority spend their time online browsing, emailing or shopping.

Why not try and play a joke on your friends where they spend most of their time…their computers and offices.

We gathered up a list of top pranks that are easy to implement for anyone and are actually harmless.

Update: check out the TOP 100 April Fools Pranks Collection.

1. Make All the Phones in Your Office Ring Simultaneously – Make all the office phones ring at the same time using Skype. It will cost you approximately $10 for this prank but worth every penny.

2. Optical Mouse Confusion – Only a few of us still use the computer mouse with a rolling ball in it, so this is an update for the optical sensor mice. Simply stick a piece of tape on the laser sensor in the bottom, color the nonstick side and watch the victim get frustrated as the mouse goes haywire.

3. Screenshot as Wallpaper Prank – this one deserves a little effort, but the reactions make it worthwhile.
Simply take a screenshot of your friend’s computer with “print screen”, hide all the icons, minimize open applications, and set the taskbar on auto hide. Watch their reactions as they attempt to select any icon or application without getting any response. You can watch the how to video here.

4. Drive a Windows user insane – You can set any specific icon (for example, firefox, internet explorer, or outlook) to be an automatic shutoff button. Simply follow the instructions at the link, and watch as your friends continuously shut down when attempting to start a specific application.

5. Rotate the screen displayed – this one works on most Intel computers and is very easy to see if it does. Simply press ctrl + alt + arrow direction preferred (up, down, left, right). Afterwards, leave the computer and watch, for the victim cannot bring it back unless he knows the magic formula.

6. Mysterious lightbulb prank – Light a bulb with your hand. May not be an extremely easy office prank, but is still fun to do on friends and family. The link shows you a video with all the directions of making this magic light bulb work only in the palm of your hand.

7. Paper cup Table Top – Load a colleague’s work desk with plenty of paper cups, fill them up with water close to the top, and then staple them all together. World’s Best Office Prank.

8. Computer Tourettes – Load a script that will randomly write swear words in a word document or outlook function. The directions for this prank can be found at the link.
9. Cracked LCD Screen saver – just as the name suggests, make your friends think that their expensive screen is cracked and ruined. Easy to do, fun to watch, and completely harmless.

10. For other office prank ideas, you can check out some of these already done images

Remember, these pranks are for fun and not harm, so please…enjoy and laugh this April Fools. The last one didn’t make it in the list, but we thought it deserves to be shared

Also check out the TOP 100 April Fools Pranks Collection.

33 thoughts on “Top 10 Computer and Office Related Pranks To Do on April Fools

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  3. bob.

    on the ‘paper cup table top’ prank, you may want to staple all the cups BEFORE you put water in all of them…

  4. Dan.

    For 2. Optical Mouse Confusion: don’t use tape, instead put a small hair in the laser cavity, this will cause the pointer to behave erratically, as is hard to diagnose the problem.

  5. Andrew.

    I love these pranks. I have done some of these on my neighbors and drove them crazy when they were trying to use their computer.

  6. vaibhav.

    One more, which can be carried out on any linux box.
    Usually in a LAN, a user has accounts on all of the computers. Just log into one remotely, while someone else is physically using it, and run a loop of eject and eject -a in the bash shell remotely.

    Its really hilarious to see the look on the user’s face, while the cd tray keeps on opening and closing 100 times without he/she doing anything.

    Its not possible to figure out the solution unless the user knows it already, or is a smart sysad type!

  7. ben.

    Here’s an expensive one, but the results could be awesomely funny:
    You can buy a usb dongle that goes between your keyboard and computer that converts your keyboard to dvorak layout – just hide one on a workmates computer and watch them try to type…

  8. Sev.

    Another background variation prank: Create a folder on someone’s desktop called Porn or some other name (s)he doesn’t want the boss to see. Print screen and use as background. Delete Porn folder (so the print screen folder icon is left on the desktop).
    I watched my collegue frantically trying to remove the icon for a good fifteen minutes 🙂

  9. Joe.

    Best prank ever: spread a few chocolate sprinkles around co-workers desk and leave a toy mouse under their, ahem, mouse, if it fits. If not, leave a toy mouse under the keyboard with the tail hanging out. Meet coworker as they come in the door and mention something about someone seeing a mouse in the office.

    1. Skye-hook.

      Only if you color it completely or put White Out on it carefully- Don’t let the White Out get on other parts or the desk, or they’ll catch that right away. White Out tape works well. OR try taping paper over the sensor.

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  15. John R. Carlisle.

    I did the optical mouse conufsion one to my secretary! She didnt think it was as funny as I did…lol. I had the IT guy load the “cracked LCD screen” screen saver prank to the entire network of computers here at the John R. Carlisle Institute. Now that was hilarious! There were some shocked faces in the morning. But hey we have fun at work.

    John R. Carlisle

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  18. John L.

    Mix 5-minute epoxy, quickly put it in a syringe, and making sure that the caps lock is off, fill the void under the caps lock key so your angry YouTube screamer friend can’t leave angry YouTube comments to relieve stress until they switch keyboards.

  19. Ray.

    For a variation on #3… Put the background screenshot in a photo editor and apply a blur filter. As a screen background it fooled the IT guy into almost getting me a new monitor!

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  25. Ken.

    Another… Change his autocorrect in word to change his fist name to “dumbass” or something for when he writes letters or email.

    If still using PS2 KB&Mouse, switch them.

    For XP and Vista, create a batch file that runs shutdown.exe -L and use it as a logon script or in the start up folder. This will automatically log him off once logged in. Annoying loop

    This site has lots of goofy software:


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