Top 100 April Fools Pranks and Gadgets

April Fools Day is not too far away, and this is when you could get back at all those people who were not really nice to you; however, you could still go ahead and play some pranks on those you like and love as well, making April Fools Day one of the best holidays every year.

It is celebrated in most parts of the world people either hate it or love it, but they just can’t ignore it. Now that the holiday is less than a few weeks away, you certainly need to start preparing for all the wonderful pranks that might turn your loved or detested ones into gullible fools.

You could play a number of hoaxes and practical jokes on almost anybody including friends, family members, enemies, and neighbors. Since the aim of the prank is to embarrass the gullible and not physically or emotionally hurt them, you might want to be sure that you do not take the jokes too far, and cause offense to the victim.

In countries where British culture prevails, like in UK, Australia, Canada and South Africa the jokes can be played only till the afternoon. However in other countries like France, Ireland, Italy, Russia, The Netherlands, and the U.S. you could play the jokes and pranks all day long. If you were not really great at practical jokes and other pranks and hoaxes, we make it easy for you by listing a number of pranks that you could play on your office co-workers, your friends and family and even enemies.

Of course, since most of our readers are geeks, we have made sure that there are a number of pranks gadgets listed too, which you could use to annoy your victim endlessly on this most funny day. So with only 8 days early (so you could get a head start) we introduce the Top 100 April Fools Pranks and Gadgets for Office and Everyday Use to prank and play jokes on friends and family throughout the year.

April Fools Prank Gadgets

April Fools Day consists of hoaxes and pranks that could lead to great embarrassment and annoyance to the victim. Being the geeks that our readers are, you would know that cool gadgets could be used for a number of practical jokes. In fact, some gadgets are so cool that for any kind of practical joke there could be a gadget created.

Victims may need to be careful for here are some really cool gadgets that would help you pull of pranks that would be remembered for the rest of the victim’s life. Take a look at each of these annoyingly cool gadgets that would make you a sort of clown that your mother warned you against. For further instructions, explanations, directions, steps, etc, you can check out the actual links or sources provided for each April Fools item.

Puzzle Toilet Paper

This is the worst prank to pull off on any friend or guest that might come to your house. Puzzle Toilet Paper would make him or her tear their hair in despair while the sweat dries off of their backs, trying to solve the puzzle. Only when they  solve it will they be given reprieve and some tissue paper to wipe their foreheads and something else.

Scratch Sticker

If you always wanted to scare your friend of even your mother that their new car has been scratched and mauled, paste these harmless Scratch Stickers and the car would immediately look old and terrible. It is also useful for Bicycles, motorcycles and other golden opportunities.

Sound Activated Kicking Legs

If you wanted to scare away those do-goody types, and then make them realize how stupid they are, get these Sound Activated Kicking Legs. People would think that someone is trapped in the dustbin, under the table or even in the toilet seat. Only to realize that a sick joke had been played against them!


RC Black Widow

If you know someone who suffers from arachnophobia, you could go ahead and place this cool RC Black Widow on their neck when they are sleeping. When they wake up, use the remote control to make the spider crawl all over them. You could use this against that skank who stole your boyfriend.



This cool gadget could be used against anyone who is a scaredy-poo. Lock them inside a room and get the Eviltron to make eerie sounds that would send chills down their spines. If you continue doing it for a very long time, the victim might suffer from cardiac arrest.

MP3 Grenade

If you had that annoying kid who always begged you to get gifts when you went out, get him this cool MP3 Grenade and pretend to throw at him. When it does not blast, throw it again at him and then reveal that it is a harmless MP3 player.

Talking Electric Fly Swatter

If you always wanted to give a gift that was funny and useful, this cool fly swatter could just be what you should buy. Talking Electric Fly Swatter says annoying things like “Die, you Sucker” when you begin to swat those irritating insects.

Mildew Lunch Bag

Get this lunch bag for your wife, husband or your kid or to even your friend and gross them out. They will never bother you for another lunch treat ever and will always remember the Mildew Lunch Bag!


If you were always scared that someone would play a terrible prank on you when you were in your office cubicle, you could get this gadget to be on your guard. It makes the sounds you want to alert you when someone passes your cubicle.


Stuffed Mouse Computer Mouse

If you know someone who is a little touch about dead rats, you could replace their mouse with this real Dead Rat Mouse. This Stuffed Mouse Computer Mouse is for real, and would allow you to disgust the poor victim endlessly.


Toilet Goblin

If you know someone who hates it when toilet lids are kept open, you should get one of these Toilet Monsters. These monsters would scare away your poor victim with scary screams and gestures.


RC Golf Ball

This would be the best prank to play on your friend or even your enemy. Take them to the golf course and make them play with this RC Golf Ball, which would be controlled remotely by you of course, much to the annoyance of the victim. Even better, use it yourself when you are putting, with a close friend always leading the Golf ball in the hole.


Voice Changing Phone

If you always wanted to make prank calls to people in a good humored way, get this Voice Changing Phone, and speak like a man or a woman depending on how you want to fool the victim. It could also be used to test the fidelity of your boyfriends.


Virgin Detector, Gaydar, Dickdar

If you wanted to embarrass those tight lipped prudes, all you would need to do is use these key chains in front of everyone and declare that they are either virgins (They are so old, and still a virgin?) or that they are Gay or that no d*%k was not detected. It sure would cause uproarious laughter amongst everyone and major embarrassment to everyone else.


Image Fulgurator

This is an amazing DIY mischief trick that could be pulled on many people. Julius von Bismarck’s Image Fulgurator comes with sensor that detects camera flashes of nearby victims and you could insert the image or text of your choice to their subject. If the person is using a digital camera, they might know they have been tricked. However, the film strip camera users would never know!


Cellphone Jammer

This is a cool mod that works as a cellphone and also as a cigarette holder. In fact, your friends could be fooled into thinking you are carrying just a cigarette pack where as the Cellphone Jammer is also a cellphone and an MP3 player!

Remote Middle Finger

This could be the rudest prank to play on people. Stand a little far away and use the remote controlled middle finger to make obscene gestures at your victim.


Auto Caps Lock

This is a great gadget that automatically presses the “caps lock” button every now and then. It would cause great annoyance to people especially when they know they did not press it.


RC Cockroach

There are a number of people who hate cockroaches, and there is no better a prank than a few remote controlled cockroaches hovering above the head of your victim. Certainly a very distasteful prank to pull.


Phantom Keystroke

It allows you to make your victim’s life hell by connecting the device to the victim’s computer or notebook and then allowing it to type random garbage or make weird mouse movements. Your victim will tear his hair in despair.


Light Sensitive Sound Box

This is the perfect prank gadget to scare away kids or annoy adults. When they switch off the lights, the gadget makes a barking sound or something more sinister than that. It could be used to annoy your co-workers and even your teenage students.



Shock Mouse

How would you hate when an electric current passes through your veins every time you held your mouse? Well, you could see how annoying it is by trying the trick on someone else, probably your April Fool’s Day victim. This is one helluva prank mouse that no one would want to try on themselves.


Shocking Dig Camera

This camera looks and feels like a real camera. However when you give this to your victim, they would be greeted with an electric shock. Make sure you have something to defend yourself, for victims can strike back in a nasty manner.


Plug Mug

This is a really annoying prank gadget that could be used against annoying co-workers who are always impeccably dressed. Use Plug Mug to unplug their drink off coffee, which would flow down their clothes of course.

Fake Pregnancy Prank

Here is an amazing prank called the Fake Pregnancy Test that you could use against your boyfriend or partner. Imagine him squeal in terror when he learns that all contraceptives went wrong, and you still got knocked up!

Wrong # Generator

This gadget would allow your victim to make calls and 25% of the time it would dial the wrong number, which would annoy them even more for they would not realize that it is a prank for a long time. In fact, it could be used to fool people all across April or even longer!


Prechewed Pencils

Gift wrap these prechewed pencils and give it to your kid and ask him to study well with that genuine concern on your face. He would thank you for being such a cool parent after a while!


Fake Packages

These come with some really interesting images. In fact, you could give a box that says “Beer Beard” to someone and drive them crazy till they open the box to realize that there is nothing inside, or maybe something that they always wanted. It’s a more civil prank.


Howler Recorder

You could use this gadget to record an eerie howl that would startle your victim for 10 whole seconds, only to be played again. It is definitely the stuff that your victims’ nightmares are made of.


Eyesight Chart

If you suffer from myopia, you would know that the Vision chart at the optician looks just like this. However, throw this prank on a person with a great eyesight and scare the hell outta that person by making them think they are going blind.


Antichrist Action Figure

If you have heard of the second coming, you could fool your victim into thinking this is an Antichrist Action Figure. However, when they look closely, they would realize that it is an Anarchist Action Figure. It would annoy all the communists and democrats.


Russian Roulette

If you did not want to try playing Russian Roulette in fear of being killed by a bullet, try this one which would just shoot water at the unlucky one. You would get wet, but won’t die!


RC Fart Machine

This apparently does not trouble your olfactory senses but only your auditory senses. Well, less said the better.


Mentos Geyser Tube

You might know that when you add a Mentos inside a bottle of diet coke, you would almost make things crazy around you, and be drenched in coke. This one just protects you from being drenched in coke. Go ahead and scare your friend with it!


Electric Shock Car Key Remote

This could be used as a prank against anyone who is too fond of their cars. Give this key to them, and have a good laugh at them when they look all electrified next to their beloved car.

Soap Food

What could be ruder than offering food that tastes bad, deliberately? Well, I guess offering food that looks like food, but in actuality is soap!


Gun Alarm Clock

Gun Alarm Clock could be the best prank to play on someone who sleeps a lot. Don’t tell them that they need to shoot 4 times in order to make the alarm clock stop ringing. In the end it will leave them annoyed and frustrated.

Dumbbell Weights Clock

Dumbbell Weights Clock allows you to set the number of reps a person has to do, in order to stop the clock from ringing. Change the reps on the April Fools Day and see the look of annoyance on your victim.

12 More April Fool’s Gadgets

You could also take a look at 12 more cool April Fools Gadgets that we had written about sometime back. I am sure the ones listed above are not enough if you are going to take your pranks seriously. These 12 pranks are easy to pull and are completely hilarious.

  • Annoy-A-Tron Prank Gadget: It gives 6 different sounds at various intervals.
  • The USB Drive Computer Prank: This is equally annoying and makes your victim scream in annoyance.
  • Hitman Electronic Gadget: This could just be the prank to play on someone who does not like loud sounds.
  • Ugliest Facebook Profile: Try and get your victim to think that they have the ugliest Facebook profile pic
  • Blue Screen of Death Prank: This is a great and really nasty prank for geeks into NT systems.
  • Blood Pillow: If your victim is squeamish about blood, the Blood Pillow will make them howl.
  • Blood Bath Mat: If you still love blood, try the Blood Bath Mat and convince there was a murder.
  • Calculator Prank: It can be used against co-workers at office.
  • Mini Electric Shocker: If you are not satisfied with all these pranks, you could learn how to build your own Mini Electric Shocker and electrify your victims.
  • Mind Molester: You must have heard of physical molestation, how about mental molestation?
  • Sonic Nausea: These is another prank that you might want to check out.
  • The Super Pii Pii Brothers: This is a really disgusting prank to play on your victims, and is certainly below the belt.

Office Pranks

There is nothing better than annoying those co-workers who would have bored you to death for months together. Going to the office and doing the same monotonous thing every single day is not only boring but it could get on your nerves after a while.

What you could do to get back at all those people at the office to play some really nasty pranks on them, and make sure that your victims get embarrassed. Of course, the whole idea is to have fun on the April Fools Day and that means even your victims should have some fun.

Thus, these harmless but quite embarrassing pranks can be played on both your enemies and friends alike at the work place. In fact, these pranks could break the ice that exists between you and your co-workers. You could visit the individual links in order to learn more about how to play these pranks and what exactly they do.

Once you play these office pranks, chance are that you would get to make more friends and it might make you more popular, if you play the pranks with a good humor without intending to cause harm to anyone.

Chia Computer Keyboard

If you have one of those annoying co-workers who claim to be clean and green all the time, you could replace their keyboard with the Chia Computer Keyboard. It is the greenest keyboard in the world, literally!

Password Prank

There could be nothing better than getting a non-geeky person worked up about something on the screen. This cool Password Prank provides a fake but realistic password box on the victim’s screen and it starts to type its own password much to the annoyance of your victim!


BSOD Screensaver

This could perplex anyone who uses the NT system. It authentically mimics the Blue Screen of Death and would drive the victim crazy with fear that the computer is screwed.


Bomb Virus Prank

If you want your office co-workers to learn how to make a Bomb Virus, get this thing on their screens, and they would think it is for real! This tutorial would help you make a bomb virus/prank and fool all your friends and co-workers at office.


Backwards Refrigerator

This could be a great way to annoy all your colleagues at the office. They would try and open the Refrigerator door from the wrong side until it strikes to them that it is a vile prank.


Steve Jobs Cubicle

This is the best prank to play against someone who is a total Linux or a Microsoft freak. If the person does not like apple much, go ahead and turn their cubicle into a Steve Jobs Cubicle!


Spilled Coffee Prank

Using Elmers glue, you could trick people again and again and make people believe that the coffee is spilled. It would be great on the April Fool’s Day.


Upside Down Coffee Cup

Being a very simple and highly effective prank it could be played on many of your co-workers who have been annoying you. It would make not only you laugh but even the victim would join you in the laughter.


Fire/Water Pen Prank

You could take someone’s pen and fill it with water instead of ink and all their important documents would get wet and dirty! You could also make fire come out of the pen instead of just water! You really must read the instructions as to how it must be done.


HP Printer Prank

You could go ahead and change the LCD Display Message on your colleague’s HP printer. It certainly would leave them perplexed!


Mug Labels

There couldn’t be a better trick and more embarrassing one than these labeled Mugs. Imagine the condition of the person who learns that they literally advertised themselves of being a twat!


Cat Food Prank

If you are a cat lover, you must know that cats eat some real sad food, and it is really heart rending to know that they eat tasteless Cat food all the time. If you feel strongly for your cat, play a prank on all your colleagues and mix their cereal or whatever with cat food just like this guy here did! They will know that it ain’t easy being a cat!


10 More April Fools Office Pranks

Of course, we have already given you a huge list of pranks that could be played on your office colleagues and co-workers. We had also written 10 More April Fools Office Pranks sometime back, which you could try this April Fool’s Day as well.

  • Skype Telephone Prank: You could learn how to make all the phones in your office ring using Skype.
  • Optical Mouse Confusion trick: You could confuse the hell out of your co-workers by using the Optical Mouse Confusion trick.
  • Non-responsive Icon Trick: You could turn your colleague’s screen’s screenshot and set it as the wallpaper. They would click away but nothing would be responsive.
  • Windows Shutdown Trick: You could also turn a Windows user crazy by setting any specific icon as the shut down button.
  • Crazy Screen Prank: Other tricks include turning the victim’s screen upside down or to the left or right.
  • Mysterious Light Bulb Prank: You could also get the mysterious light bulb to glow only in your hands and could be a great way to attract a few smiles and attention in the office.
  • Stapled Wet Papercup Prank: You could staple several paper cups and fill them up with water and place them on the table of your colleague. You know what might happen when they try to remove one cup!
  • Computer Tourette’s Prank: Try the Computer Tourette’s prank which would hurl abuses on the screen.
  • Cracked LCD screen: This trick would drive a user mad as they think about the expenses involved.
  • Other Done Image Tricks: You could also check out other done images we had written about.

Instructables: 10 Firefox Pranks

We all know that Mozilla Firefox is the most popular browser today, and everyone uses it at the workplace. If you know people who are loyal to this browser, and you would like to take them on a trip, there are several pranks that you could use against them.

In fact, there are several add ons that could be used to play pranks against them. Instructables had a cool post about the 10 Firefox pranks which we could play on people. All that you need to play this prank on someone is a victim who uses Firefox as his or her regular browser and access to your victim’s computer.  Here are the 10 Firefox Pranks that Instructables have put together wonderfully.

Home DIY Pranks

Sometimes, the April Fools prank is not all about how embarrassed the person is but about the fun the prankster has while preparing for the actual moment of truth. Thus, the preparation and getting ready to play a prank itself could be awesome fun. When you purchase a prank gadget, you may not derive a lot of fun as it is ready made.

However, if you work hard towards a nasty prank, it would give you endless fun right from the time of conception of the idea. Here are some really cool DIY pranks which you could carry out at your own risk. Follow the links in order to learn more about how these pranks could be made at home, and how the DIY pranks could actually be better than other kinds of pranks.

Of course, some deserve a lot of time to prepare and get ready for, but the effort and wait would be worth the pain when you see the look of horror and annoyance on the face of your victim. Take a look at these DIY pranks, and try to do them yourself at home and you certainly won’t be disappointed. Additionally, your victims would also know that you actually worked hard to make them feel like a fool.

How To Make a Shocking Camera

You might think that this camera would “look” shocking, but the fact is it literally delivers a shock to your victim! Use this against someone who trusts you, for some really electrifying fun! It would be greater fun as you would build it yourself!


Burning Butt Prank

You might have always wanted to set someone’s ass on fire, and now you could really do it! This potentially harmful prank is something that I do not condone!


Who Wants to Be a Millionaire

Who Wants to Be a Millionaire was one of the most popular TV shows of the 90s, and had many people dreaming about their millions only to realize that it was a bad joke anyway. Here is yet another way to pose annoying million dollar questions at your victim.

Personal Coke Mentos

This could be done easily if you have a lot of Pepsi at home. Wage a cola war against your April Fool’s Victim!


Exploding Coke

What could be better than exploding a lot of fizzy drinks on your victim’s face? Well, this cool tutorial teaches you how to do the Exploding Coke prank.


Frozen Ice Cubes Coke Mentos

This could be one of the coolest pranks ever. Do this, and see what happens when you use a frozen Mentos and drop them in a water filled ice cube tray! This kind of stuff would make anyone laugh for ages!

Bleeding Gum Prank

If your friend loves gum, get them a pack of Bleeding Gums! Well, these gums would look ordinary but when the victim opens the pack of gum, there would be more blood than they can deal with.


Superglue iPhone

If you really want to get down and dirty, you could try the Super Glue an iPhone to the Footpath prank, which is really frustrating for the victim.


Confetti Bomb

This cool prank could be pulled off on your co-workers or fellow computer geeks. It is easy to prepare for and real fun to execute. Learn how to do it before April Fool’s Day!


Prank Keygen

This could be a great way to rise the hopes of your victim into thinking they got the keygen for some expensive application, only to realize it is a fake.


S*%t Spray

The less said the better about this prank. Don’t even ask me why I chose this in this list, for I know there are some people who are really gross.


Fake Neck Crack

If you would like to scare your victim into thinking that your neck is broken, learn how to do the Fake Neck Crack prank. It is one serious prank that your victim would never forget in their lives.


Dismembered Finger

This prank is gory, and could be learned easily. It would scare the living daylights out of your victim!


Resident Evil Shirt

If you or your victim is a fan of this awesome game, you could pretend to have turned into a zombie, by wearing this Resident Evil Shirt.

Stop Light Prank

By using Photoshop, you could learn how to puzzle police and also make use of traffic lights to confuse enemies. It could lead you to face legal complications.


Pre-Sliced Bananas

This annoying prank could be played against someone who is fond of this fruit. The moment they peel the banana, sliced parts of the fruit would fall off, much to their embarrassment. You could proudly declare “Bananas are my Business” just like Carmen Miranda said.


2 Simple Home Pranks

You could again learn the dismembered finger and rattle snake in the envelope trick, and I am sure would leave all your victims begging for mercy.

Prank Mailman

We have a tradition of annoying mailmen, either by being too rude, or by letting the dogs out. This time around, humor yourself and your mailman by playing a cool prank on him. Make sure you do not annoy him too much!

These pranks must be played with respect, and you should make sure you do not offend your victims. It is no fun when you play a prank on someone who does not enjoy it. Nevertheless, that also must not stop you from having harmless fun on April Fools Day! Like they say, there is nothing more annoying than a person with a bad sense of humor. This could perhaps be the day when you can turn a sour puss into something more lovable!