The BumpTop Brings Your Desktop to Life


A great video presentation of the BumpTop in action is revealed and introduced.

The BumpTop provide Microsoft Surface like features but with a software driven interface, not requiring you to get a new table (or actual surface) in order to use it.

I wouldn’t attempt to go into the details except simply mentioning that it brings the Desktop to the big screen with touchscreen capabilities.

Files, folders, pictures and more can be freely moved around as easily as you would on a regular, physical desk. These same items may be stacked on top of eachother, placed together in a folder, include comments, and more. You need to watch the videos to enjoy the experience.

Besides these two BumpTop example videos, you can watch their TED presentation and also sign up to become a Beta Tester on their site.

Technology and innovation…you gotta love it.

Via: OhGizmo

6 thoughts on “The BumpTop Brings Your Desktop to Life

  1. Ted.

    This doesn’t seem that practical. The concept that they’re talking about seems to be that in the real world we place hard copy documents in piles and position them in ways so that we can get some meaning out of their position. But in a digital environment that’s not needed because you have folders, sorting, searching, etc… This seems like it’d be more of a distraction and less efficient to find documents to work with.

  2. Neece.

    Ok, I have a huge question with this whole line of technology. Do you actually touch the screen? That is such a MAJOR pet peeve of mine. That’s why I’d never go to something like an iPod Touch, because all those fingerprints obscure your view and look disgusting!
    I guess it’s just me though. 😛

  3. Craig.

    Sorry man, this technology is old. I remember watching that video at least 18 months ago, maybe 2 years? IIRC it’s actually older than MS Surface.

    It’s a cool idea, but I don’t think the guys that created it ever intended to actually attach it to any particular operating system. It was just a proof of concept I think.

  4. Wayne Smallman.

    I first saw this UI some years ago. I’m surprised it’s still in beta phase, but then that might be an artifact of the user testing.

    If you’ve seen the touch screen system by Jeff Han, you’ll notice similarities with things like the stacks (what Apple first developed and called “Piles”, unfortunately) and “lasso tool” grouping option.

    Personally, I think it’s a great bridge between the desktop metaphor and the new interactive touch screen way of doing things…


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