Segway RMP Concept is Perfect for Loading and Parallel Parking


The Segway is a brand that continues to be talked about and modified.

Maybe it is the name, the product, or the different concepts created. Whatever the reason, we have to salute some of the ideas, such as the Ferrari Segway, and especially the new Segway RMP concept.

This new design and wheel concept presents a little robotic surface that has the power to haul a normal sized individual. The awesome part is its ability to move in every which way…with an extremely attractive parallel parking possibility.


Although another Driving Robot device has introduced it in the past (link), this presents it a lot more comfortably and potentially possible.

So as these concepts are designed and presented, I am wondering…when will they bring this parallel parking possibility to our real vehicles. Am I the only one that desires it in my own car?

Via: TechEBlog

6 thoughts on “Segway RMP Concept is Perfect for Loading and Parallel Parking

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  4. Shawn M..

    well there is automatic parallel parking already available on cars in the U.S. ,and there has been for a couple years already. granted the first systems wernt the best. they have newer ones already in the states to parallel park for you.

  5. carguy.

    automatic parallel parking is in cars, just not in the states. In japan, more than half the cars own have this feature.


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