Boy Gets Stuck Inside Stuffed Toy Arcade Crane Game

Remember those Crane Games? The ones that are usually found in malls? Yes, the games which you try your skill at pulling a stuffed animal or various toys out of a box using a mechanical claw?

Throughout the years, that game has always got the best of me. It lures you into inserting your coins at a chance for a prize. As you get older, you think your aim and skill has increased, only to realize that the claw does not provide a firm grip, the timing of the mechanical arm is not in sync, and the bottom line is you have lost your money.

Seems that some kid was not satisfied with these terms and conditions.

After trying his skill at retrieving a prize and losing, a small child has decided to take matters into his own hands. He crawled up into the machine through the exit chute to select his toy. Unfortunately, although his entrepreneurial spirit was booming, he was not able to climb back out.

As rescue workers arrived, they noticed that the only way to free the boy was dismantling some parts of the machine.

I must say, this kid has got some big ones for just going after what he wanted. The furthest I ever got to winning a prize was reaching my arm through that chute. I mainly felt some pain, was close to getting my arm stuck, or gave up too early.

In the end, the kid was released, but with no toy. He should have at least gotten a toy for his brave attempt…don’t you think?

Via: TechEBlog