Optimus Maximus Keyboard of ArtLebedev is Available

The Optimus Maximus Keyboard by Artlebedev has been mentioned so many times within the last year, and it is now available to the wide public through Think Geek.

Artlebedev has previously brought us great design concepts such as the giant remote control with individual buttons for each channel number, but this design actually came true.


For those aren’t familiar with it, the Optimus Maximus is a keyboard with an individual screen on each of the 113 separate keys. These same buttons can be customized by color, application, clock animation, music track and album display, CPU usage, and so many more different ways.

As fun (or productive) as it would be to have so many functions available and seen right on your keyboard, there is a hefty price tag to this leisure…$1589.99. Yes, you read it right, it means you may have to miss a mortgage payment, car payment, or break all your children’s piggy banks to afford this gadget.


Remember how people looked at the iPhone early buyers in awe? Would the Optimus Maximus owners be looked at the same way, or because of the cost it would not receive the same respect?

You can find more information, or actually make your purchase right at ThinkGeek.com

The video below shows a short presentation of the keyboard and the software included for your customization needs.