New Pet Home is Technologically Luxurious and Pampering

luxury_pet_houseHow much do you love your cat or dog? Do they deserve more pampering? Would you like your pet to have a lifestyle of the rich and famous?

Some of us own a dog or a cat that we simply cannot get enough of. As we arrive home at night, they are the first thing tended to. As we leave them, we sometimes feel a little sting in our heart and cannot wait to see them again. In fact, my friend loves his dog so much, he brings her to work with him twice a week. He just cannot get enough of his pet.

As a boyfriend or a girlfriend or husband and wife have the partner in mind most times of the day, so are these pet owners; they always look for different ways to grant their pet a nicer, better, and happier life.

There are many different pet gadgets we could get, such as:

Now you can get them a new home.

The Luxury Pet House may look like an over-sized toaster, but it is actually a personal pad for your pet. It can be controlled through your PC for temperature, humidity, infrared, carbon heat, air circulation and some medical treatment (solenoid valve). Furthermore, you may also set different levels of deodorizing, so the pet will always have a scented and fresh place to sleep in.

This new luxurious home for the pet is not for sale yet, but may be seen at the Koreannovation gadget show in Korea on the 14th and 15th of May.

Via: Ubergizmo