Geeks Rock Out Hotel California on Guitar Keyboards

I am not sure if this is real or keyboard syncing, but I was entertained.

Some students at Georgia Tech have decided to use computer keyboards in place of guitars. The keys each represent different notes, and these guys are rocking out to Hotel California of the Eagles.

It is somewhat similar to playing the piano on a keyboard, but these guys are playing both the lead and rhythm guitars using merely keyboards, and the solo work is not bad at all either.

I am wondering, if they are so good at playing their keyboards, wouldn’t it be easier to actually learn how to play a real guitar? To create the software, learn the keys, rehearse the notes and music, and in the end perform it up to par seems like a job which is a lot more difficult.

Heck, this may be a fake.

What do you think? Are the keyboards actually in tune as guitars, or are they simply playing air guitar to background music with a keyboard in their hands?

Anyways, the video below has some rocking keyboard guitar in the beginning, then goes off to some miscellaneous stuff. At least watch the beginning so you could tell me if you think it is real.