The Handphone Cellphone That Lets You Talk To The Hand


Do you ever misplace your cellphone? Is it ever an inconvenience to get it out of your pocket to retrieve a call? If you could just talk to your hand, would that be more practical?

The Handphone from Biodomotica may be going into production or just a concept, but is a neat device if it would truly surface.

This cellphone will attach to the back of your hand (not your palm) and grant you the talking features that any regular cellular would. Besides voice calls or number dialing, this would also include actual hand gesture calling.

A speaker would attach to your thumb, while a mic to your pinky. As we would “act out” a regular phone call, this cellphone would allow to naturally speak to friends, family and business colleagues.

While the pictures make it seem attractive, comfortable, but slightly bulky, would you personally like to actually try out this new handphone cellphone?


Via: TechEBlog via: Gizmowatch