Trick Burglars with the Fake TV


Do you ever wonder whether to leave the light on when you leave your home? Would a burglar think twice before entering your place if he/she thought someone may be inside?

The Fake TV offers a cool solution when you are away from your home to act as if someone is still in the house. Instead of leaving your TV and a few lights on, simply turn on this device.

This product has the light output of a 27 inch Television and combines the needed effects, such as: scene changes, bright or dim lighting, fade outs, on-screen motion and more. It costs less than $50, and is a great alternative to turning on different lamps and room lights.

If a burglar comes by your apartment complex or your suburban street, they may be deterred to go next door instead in order to reduce the chance someone may be sitting and watching the tube at your flat.

Via: Geekologie