KickTrak Counts Your Baby’s Kicks to Monitor their Health

Babykick logoA little while back, I was introduced to the KickTrak device from Baby Kick even though I was not pregnant or had a pregnant significant other. This baby device is meant to keep track of the health of a baby during pregnancy and has been recommended by many pregnancy health specialists.

The KickTrac is a new gadget to monitor your baby’s progress, in order to make sure its movement has not decreased, so to prevent any upcoming health problems.

Some of my friends are married and expecting newborns in the near future, and when I asked them about such a product, the potential parents were interested in finding out more…but for different reasons.

The upcoming mothers saw this is as a health device that besides having a daily progress kept of the baby’s kicking habits, they would also have a history of its movement, which they would always be able to have as an addition to a photo album. They were excited at the prospect of showing off how their baby was outgoing and kicking.

The fathers, on the other hand, wondered if it could somehow show characteristics of their upcoming child. Would he be a soccer player, is he/she active enough to play other sports, would the child have spunk and carry the attention of the room.

Although these are fun questions for parents to ask, the KickTrak is a baby monitoring device to stay connected with your baby’s health. The potential personality of your child, that is still left up to the parents.

Babykick were nice enough to send me a sample, even though I personally do not have a use for it. Once I received it, I noticed it was a neat little gadget, a lot smaller than I expected; it could fit in a mother’s purse easily, and in a pocket just as well. Anytime a kicking session begins, a mother (or father) could easily have it at their reach for monitoring.

Now that I have the product, my friends which are to become parents, are coming up with logical and powerful arguments as to which couple should be the one using this device. I think I will let them make the decision, perhaps flip for it, but no kicking allowed.

The KickTrac by Babykick costs only $24, and you can find additional information or make a purchase at their official site.

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