The Zero Carbon Home Powers Itself

How nice would it be to not receive an electricity bill for your home? How about a water bill, crazy heating expenses of the house, or even the need to purchase gas for you car? The zero carbon home provides efficiency by the use of natural resources and external outside forces.

The Rea’s have created a Zero Carbon Home on a northern island in Britain, which uses external resources and converts so for efficient daily living.


This home has heavy insulation, which gathers any outside warmth to be stored for home use. In addition, the over-sized windows also take in as much of the sun’s heat to be used, and heat inside is recycled to warm the individuals over again.

For all the water needs, for toilets, washing, drinking, and more, rainwater is stored and kept fresh for when needed.

A wind-turbine is installed on the home, which harnesses the outside winds, converts so into electricity, and stores in the home’s fuel cells for up to 4 days. This same energy is sufficient to power the different products around the home, such as: dishwasher, refrigerator, computers, TV, and also provides power to an electric converted Toyota Yaris.

Soon, LED’s will replace regular lighting, as so the entire home’s lighting will only use approximate energy of one single 100W bulb.

Moreover, a greehouse is built in order to grow food using the energy provided through the wind-turbine, so it seems the house fends for itself and feeds the occupants.

This proves as an amazing and powerful innovation, but it does not come with a small price tag. This home has costs the Reas approximately 210,000 pounds, and I definitely hope the will see their return on investment.

Via: Futurismic, Via: The Guardian