Airport Body Scan Sees Under Your Clothes


Is airport security sufficient? Should new and creative ways be developed as to speed up check-in process and still keep security high? 10 airports are attempting to test a new body scanning machine that allow personnel to see underneath your clothes.

This technology bounces non-hazardous millimeter waves off of an individual’s body, to provide an extremely detailed black an white image. While they mention that it is advanced enough to see the “sweat on someone’s back”, they do admit that it could not scan through plastic or rubber clothing that resemble skin.

Of course, I am one for increase security measures, since it is better to be safe than sorry, but does anyone have a problem with strangers looking under their clothes? You can see in the images that it does not produce the most attractive images that one would post as a pin-up in their garage, but still the dilemma is there. Security or Privacy?


Via: Engadget