Fertility Device Lets You Know When is a Good (or Bad) Time for Sex


Are you thinking of having a baby? Are you worried of accidental pregnancy? would you like to know the correct time to attempt getting pregnant, or when your worries should be decreased? The DuoFertility product can let you know exactly when is the best time to try and make a baby.

Measuring Basil Body Temperature (BBT) allows an individual to know when they (or their significant other) is ovulating. The DuoFertility takes 20,000 more measurements of BBT then any other thermometer, thus increasing accuracy. Moreover, the device can let you know the details on the spot, or you may upload the figures on to your PC for additional information.

I won’t even attempt to write as if I understand much about pregnancy, but you may find additional and more specific details at the DuoFertility site. In addition, if you or your significant other is already pregnant, you can be in touch with the health of the baby’s progress with the KickTrac to measure its kicking habits.


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