3D Cubic Display from NICT gCubik


I have always been fascinated with 3D visuals. From Michael Jackson’s Captain EO at Disneyland to the Gorillaz live performace. It is beautiful to see an image recreated as if it was a part of our world. Thanks to the gCubik, this display may be arriving soon using a small, 3.9 inch cube from NICT.

Using an integral photography method, individuals would be able to see a 3D image from multiple angles at the same time. The LCD panel is covered by a number of lenses, thereby enabling the image to be displayed at the different angles.

What could we use it for?

Have you ever heard of an invention called the digital picture frame? Couldn’t the gCubik also be one? NICT want it available for the public within three years and plan on having it wireless (in 3 years, I am pretty sure no one would even look it at it if it has wires). So imagine a wireless digital picture frame that would display the pictures in 3D. Sounds pretty cool to me.


Via: Gearlog