Peace at Embarrassing Bathroom Moments: Hide the Sound with Otohum Sound Princess


Have you ever had friends over and had to go to the bathroom for a number 2? Have you ever been embarrassed at the potential sounds that guests may hear? You can now go to the bathroom in peace, masking the awkward noises with the Otohum Sound Princess.

Otohum has a clever technological device to be installed in your bathroom. By a movement in front of its sensor, it will create a flushing sound to mask any embarrassing noises that may occur during toilet “movements”.

While this may not seem like the most inviting product, its need is apparent. I have more than a few friends that prior to going to the bathroom for a number 2, turn the stereo volume louder, have a cellphone conversation in their stall, or even attempt to carry a conversation with their guests as they are in the bathroom. All this, so others won’t hear possible sounds, which may cause embarrassment.

Would you want one of these Otohum Sounds Princesses in your bathroom?

Via: TrendHunter