Interactive Ad Table Would Make a Great Coffee Table Book


My friend has an advertising book which is entirely devoted to various ads from the 80’s. You would be surprised but when an ad or commercial is not disturbing me during a Television show or prior to a movie, I think some advertising is actually interesting and could also be fun. The Interactive Ad Book/Table seems to be aiming at ads in a fun way. If it is anything like my friend’s book, I could spend hours flipping through the pages at the different ideas and creations.

The AdTable is simply an interactive book that provides the user a way to flip the pages of a digital book with their fingers. Unlike the Microsoft Surface, it is a lot smaller and serves a different purpose – commercials and ads for a specific company.

The great thing about this Ad Table is that it is waterproof. This means if you actually have it on your coffee table, spilling drinks won’t hurt your pricey book.

Via: GizmoWatch