Geeks Fight Back with the Mind Molester and Sonic Nausea

Ever been bullied, messed with, or perhaps you are simply looking for another way to prank friends or foes with some tiny gizmos? The Mind Molester and Sonic Nausea are great little gadgets that could physically cause some discomfort to your victims. This is a great way for Geeks to fight back with what they are best with.


The Mind Molester is categorized as a mid-level revenge tool, and is a simple gadget which is meant to continuously annoy. It delivers short, yet powerful sound bursts through a tiny and easily hidden tech device. Since it annoys at random intervals, it may not cause enough suspicion to be searched for, and even if it does … the Geeks must hide it well.


The Sonic Nausea is meant for actual Extreme Level Geek Revenge. This nifty little gadget has actually been known to cause headaches, sweating, vomiting and literally can create the nausea it is named after.


The Mind Molester runs for $19, and the Sonic Nausea is $29. Now please remember, these are provided through a a Law Enforcement and Military Equipment company, so it means these gadgets are NOT toys. There goes the neighborhood.


5 thoughts on “Geeks Fight Back with the Mind Molester and Sonic Nausea

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  4. suzan.

    i have an up stair neighbor using a sonic on me and its hurting me.
    this guy is sooo bad. he is a nut case he turns off peole cable then trys to black mail them in to turning it back on. he so creepy .
    I’m terminally ill and have a service dog ( he’s old and so sweet it makes me cry that he is hurting him) its killing him and making me very ill I’m on oxygen and I cant even leave my apartment to get away from him
    I havent been able to sleep in weeks .
    he was doing other stuff before he got this thing like loud repeting noises all night.

    I’m a sane woman ,I dont know what to do its been going on for weeks.
    the police wont do any thing because they cant hear it LOL

    this is going to get very bad before it gets out lawed I read where the gangs are using them to get things they want.

    some one please help me to figure out how to block it pleaaseeepleaseee help me before i get so sick I wont be able to pull out of it.

    he has been evited but has A sixty day lease clause. unless he get arrested.
    my managers is going to let me stay nights in a empty apartment but I have to wait until they get the new capet inand that could be a while. help me suzan


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