Hydrogen Car for Peugeot is not a Bomb


This futuristic car concept looks pretty cool. It is supposed to be Hydrogen powered, literally drive on its only two wheels, and may actually be sponsored by the likes of Peugeot.

You cannot deny that the design looks amazing, even though it does somehow seem similar to being bullied and rolled down the street in a trash can. Yes, this is different because as you are rolling, the shell is glass, so you get to see everyone looking at you.

A great feature that is envisioned for this Hydrogen Car is the joystick. Am I the only one that ever wanted to control a full sized vehicle by a hand controller? Just imagine being in a true driving car and just like in the movies, the Joystick determines its speed and direction.

One thing I was wondering, was this designed for Peugeot or did Peugeot actually design it? I think that lion seems too much like the car’s logo to be an accident. Who knows, maybe Peugeot is seeking a move to Hydrogen with the increasing Gas prices.


Via: Tuvie

5 thoughts on “Hydrogen Car for Peugeot is not a Bomb

  1. Leah.

    wow, this car looks pretty cool but what if a car accident were to occure. can you say, ‘dead instantly’. and is thre even any seatbelts? or a rear veiw mirrior? not a very good way to die, but hey atleast you’ll look good when your face goes through the window. lol. real goog idea!!!

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  3. Patrick.

    Wow. That car looks amazing. It’s pretty crazy that they can design a car that looks that cool and use hydrogen energy. The only concern I would have with the car that it may not be safe. I just hope the trend continues to develop new technologies that not only are appealing, but not continue to pollute the environment.


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